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Dear Fellow Gardener,
For several years now, as part of our Spring Bulb and Perennial selections, Veseys has included a Best Buys category that continues to be very popular with gardeners across Canada. We've put all of our very best priced spring planting items into this one category, and divided them into $5, $10 and $12 selections. With almost seventy Best Buy items to choose from, there's something for every type of garden and gardener, from Elephant Ears to Strawberries!

One of our very favourite $5 Best Buys is always the Monte Negro Lily, a gorgeous, deep red Asiatic lily. Fragrant and perfect in bouquets, this Asiatic lily is hardy to Zone 3. Priced at 3 bulbs for $5, you can save big on this summer blooming beauty.

If you're looking to load up on Gladiolus Bulbs, our Giant Gladiolus Mix is priced so you can plant en masse for a gorgeous display this summer at an amazing 18 bulbs for $5!

Choose from the very best bulb and perennials while sticking to your gardening budget! You can see all of our great $5 and $10 Best Buys from Veseys here, or just type $5 Specials into the Find Box at

Order soon to reserve your bulbs, we'll ship your order to you at the appropriate time for planting in your area. As always, a free Veseys Planting Guide will be included with every order.

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