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Trailing Vines Plant Collection

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This collection contains 12 plants, 3 each of Silver Licorice, Orchid Frost, Vinca Major and German Ivy Trailing Vines.

An essential ingredient to any container garden! Each of these vines is vigorous, easy to care for and suited for sun to part shade.

Silver Licorice Helichrysum is attractive and distinctive with soft fuzzy foilage.

Vinca Major Variegated is a nice simple vine with white-edged leaves that blend well with everything.

German Ivy has glossy green leaves, trails beautifully and is an all-time favourite.

Orchid Frost Lamium has trailing silver foliage with small lavender flowers.

Important Ordering & Shipping Information

Minimum Purchase - 12 Plants: When purchasing starter plants, you must buy a minimum of 12 plants.

Order deadline: Orders must be received no later than April 7th. All Starter Plants will be shipped in early May. Upon arrival the plants must be transplanted into pots and grown inside until after the last frost date in your area.

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Light Requirements:
Height:24" - 48"
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12 Plants