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Shockwave Petunia Collection

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Petunia x hybrida

Annual. Petite 1½-2 inch flowers closely resemble Calibrachoa with the spreading habit of Wave petunias! They will ‘shock’ you with their vigour and you only need one plant in a 12” container to fill it to over flowing so no need to plant many for a big impact! The first petunias to flower, self-cleaning and prolific, Shock Waves are a pleasure to grow!
This collection contains 3 Pkgs, 1 each of Pink Vein, Spark Mix and Purple Shockwave Petunias.

Height:8″ - 10″
Light Requirements:
How to Grow: Petunia (A), Petunia - Waves & Tidal Waves (A)
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Petunia Tip
Use a bottom heat source for best results.