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Tidal Petunia Collection

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Petunia x hybrida
Terrific flower power with oceans of vibrant 2" blooms covering shrub-like plants. Spaced at a minimum of 12" apart in the garden, 'Tidal Waves' form a dense mounded 16-22" hedge that does not fall open in the middle. Spaced at 24" apart in the garden they will perform more like a ground cover, spreading up to 3 feet at a height of 8-12". Tidal waves resist heat and bounce back quickly after rain. Very low maintenance, and excellent for filling in large areas, or in any containers. Pelleted seed. Approximately 10 seeds/pkg.

This collection contains 3 Pkgs, 1 each of Red Velour, Silver and Purple Tidal Wave Petunias.

Light Requirements:
Height:8" - 12"
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Petunia Tip
Use a bottom heat source for best results.