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All Season Strawberry Collection

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The berry crop that no garden should be without. Nothing compares to the flavour of the first strawberries picked fresh out of the garden. We offer a selection of varieties, which insure a long harvest. Produces fruit in second year. Strawberries are planted 12-18” apart, in rows 4 feet apart and are hardy to zone 2 if covered. No. 1 sized plants.

Each collection contains 75 plants, 25 each of Veestar, Cabot and Albion Strawberries.

*Perishable Product Postal Surcharge on Fruits and Berries: If your order includes Asparagus Roots, Potato Sets, Spring Garlic, Onion Sets or Fruits and Berries, an additional $6.95 Postal Surcharge will be added to your order. This amount is only charged one time regardless of how many Perishable Products you may purchase.

How to Grow: Growing Fruits & Berries
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Strawberries Tip
Soak and trim roots to 5" long prior to planting. This will encourage new root development. Pinch off all flowers the first summer to send more energy to the development of runners. Day Neutral or Everbearing varieties do not need to be pinched off during the first year.