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Poorman Gooseberry

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Gooseberries sweet enough to eat fresh right off the bush. Poorman is the best flavoured and sweetest red gooseberry. Makes excellent jam and jelly. This vigorous plant is mildew resistant, and will grow up to 4 feet tall. Will produce fruit in 2 -3 years. No. 1 size plants are hardy to zone 3.
How to Grow: Gooseberries, Growing Fruits & Berries
Light Requirements:
Hardiness Zone:3a - 3b
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1 Plant
Package of 2 Plants
Package of 4 Plants
Gooseberries Tips
It is important to have 2-4" of mulch around the plants as they like cool, moist soil. Gooseberries bear fruit primarily on 2 and 3-yr old wood, so equal numbers of 1, 2 and 3-yr old shoots should be maintained to ensure a constant renewal of fruiting wood.