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Frontenac Grapes

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An excellent hardy wine grape. Makes a beautiful deep red wine with character. Self-pollinating. Although these grapes are hardy, low areas that are susceptible to late frosts should be avoided. The varieties are self-fertile but planting more than one type will improve your harvest. Begins to bear fruit in 3-4 years. Hardy to zone 4.

As they are live plants we will hold fruit and berry orders until the appropriate planting time for your area (usually around mid April-early May). Requests for large orders should be made by mid-March.

How to Grow: Grapes, Growing Fruits & Berries
Light Requirements:
Hardiness Zone:4a - 4b
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1 Plant
Pkg of 2 Plants
Pkg of 4 Plants
Grapes Tip
The right site will help reduce disease problems and ensure fruit for many years to come. The 4 factors are: 1) Soil Drainage - grapes do not like wet feet, so avoid sites where the soil is heavy or water sits for any amount of time; 2) Air Movement - Good air circulation will reduce disease problems; 3) Avoid Frost Pockets - plant grapes in an area where they will not be exposed to late spring frosts; 4) Sun Exposure - grapes like full sun.