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The World’s Most Popular Tiller!

You want to enjoy the bounty of a rich, healthy garden but you want to do it without the back-breaking hard labour. The Mantis Tiller makes gardening easier and even more fun than ever. It does so many things around your yard and garden that you’ll be amazed that you ever got along without it.

With tines spinning at 240 rpm, it digs deep into the hardest soil or sod without bouncing around like other tillers. It shallow cultivates for easy weeding around established plants and rows. It digs deep planting holes for trees and shrubs. With optional attachments you can edge around your garden, create uniform planting rows, aerate and dethatch your lawn, plow, trim hedges, clean sidewalk crevices and much more.

We took a legendary idea and made it BIGGER. You’ll get more in less time with the Mantis XP 16” Tiller/Cultivator. Lightweight yet powerful, the Mantis XP features a productive 16” tilling width powered by a fuel efficient 35cc 4 Cycle Honda engine. This productive rototiller carries a double set of our patented serpentine tines that easily break through new ground, sod and compacted soil… even hard clay! Weighing just 34 pounds you’ll also love how the Mantis XP will cultivate your established garden.

The Mantis XP Tiller/Cultivator has a powerful Honda 4 cycle engine which requires no fuel mixing and is extremely easy to start. It is built for heavier duty and longer life than the competitions’ light-duty engines. Turning the tines at 240rpm, the 4 cycle engine allows the Mantis to easily break through new ground or tough clay soil.

The Mantis tiller’s transmission has a low maintenance, one piece cast aluminum housing. The competitions’ tiller cultivators use a cheaper, less durable two piece housing. By doubling the number of tines and introducing the 35cc Honda engine, you will now achieve excellent results and till a 16” swath with the same ease of operation as the smaller Mantis tillers. Perfect for larger gardens and ideal for dethatching.

Key Features of the XP:

  • Free kickstand with your purchase.
  • Tills a 16” swath.
  • Risk Free 1 year in home trial.
  • 5 year consumer warranty.
  • Digs down 10”.
  • No fuel mixing required.
  • Easy to start.
  • Lifetime Guarantee against broken tines.
  • Fold down handles for storage and transport.
  • 35cc powerful Honda engine.

Five Year Warranty Our new 5 year warranty on all Mantis tillers is certainly the best in the business. Purchase with confidence that when buying from Vesey’s you’ll know that we stand behind our product. If we weren’t so certain about the quality of our tillers we’d never be able to make such an offer.

Patented Serpentine Tines The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator patented reversible serpentine tines are guaranteed for life against breakage and provide you with the versatility of switching their direction allowing you to both till the soil deeply and also cultivate the garden at a shallower depth.

Five Easy Payments Purchasing a Mantis Tiller has never been so easy. We offer a 5-month payment program where you can pay in equal installments. Plus, there is zero interest charged for this generous service. Our Buy Now-Pay Later program has been a big hit with out thousands of Mantis customers and we’re pleased to extend this payment option again for 2012.

The Vesey’s Promise Try any Mantis product that you buy directly from Vesey’s with NO RISK! If you’re not completely satisfied, send it back to us within one year from the date of purchase for a complete refund. No questions asked!

Dowload the Mantis XP 4 Cycle Owner's Manual (1.4MB PDF)

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