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Sprouts and Supplies

Sprouts and Supplies

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Homegrown sprouts are a healthy addition to any salad or sandwich year-round. Easy to grow with our Victorio 4 Tray Sprouter. Growing your own sprouts is also a great way to get your gardening fix through the cold days of winter!

  • Sprouting is inexpensive. Pound for pound sprouts are perhaps the most nutritious food there is per dollar value.
  • Sprouts are easy to grow – very little can go wrong.
  • Sprouts are one of the most concentrated and truly natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids known.
  • You can grow sprouts indoors in any climate and they are ready to eat in just a few days.
  • A sprouted seed is a tiny, easy-to-digest plant that is at its peak of nutritional value. The seed releases all of its stores nutrients in a burst of vitality as it attempts to become a full sized plant.