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Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots

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Save time by planting roots. Get a jumpstart on your asparagus production! A top rated, early variety which features delicious green spears. Disease resistant and easy to grow, Jersey Giant will produce for years to come. Hardy in all zones. We ship No. 1 sized roots.

We begin shipping Asparagus Roots in approximately mid-late April (depending on weather), commencing with customers located in the higher hardiness zones. For quotes on larger quantities please contact us before March 19th at 1-800-363-7333.

*Perishable Product Postal Surcharge on Asparagus Roots: If your order includes Asparagus Roots, Potato Sets, Spring Garlic, Onion Sets or Fruits and Berries, an additional $6.95 Postal Surcharge will be added to your order. This amount is only charged one time regardless of how many Perishable Products you may purchase.

How to Grow: Asparagus Roots
Light Requirements:
Item # Description Price Quantity
Package of 6 Roots
Package of 18 Roots
Package of 48 Roots
Package of 96 Roots