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Brazen Braising Mix

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Excellent for summer stirfries. An attractive blend of greens sure to add great flavour to stir-fry, sautés and salads with its abundance of flavours, textures and colours. It includes a variety of Asian greens, mustards and kale. It will also re-grow after being harvested. 35 days to maturity for baby leaf size, 45 days to maturity for full leaf size. Approximately 400 seeds/pkg.

Light Requirements:
How to Grow: Oriental Vegetables
Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
25g (1 oz)
125g (1/4 lb)
500g (1 lb)
Lettuce Tip
Make succesion plantings every 1-2 weeks to ensure a constant harvest. Always harvest lettuce very early in the morning. Gardeners are often frustrated with slugs eating their lettuce. One natural solution is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth along the soil next to your lettuce rows.
Radish Tip
Radish does best in spring and fall when the soil is cool (4-18ºC) and the days are short.