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4-H Veseys Fundraising

Is your 4-H group in need of additional funds? We are excited to share the new 4-H Veseys Fundraising Program which makes fundraising simple and fun!

Veseys Fundraising Program has been serving thousands of groups across Canada for the past 40 seasons. 4-H Canada has partnered with Veseys, Canada's Green Fundraiser, to pilot this new fundraising program. 60% of the retail sales will support 4-H in Canada with more than half of the profit staying local. By participating in the 4-H Veseys Fundraiser, you are helping 4-H in your community while also ensuring the whole 4-H movement in Canada continues to thrive.

For every dollar your members sell, 4-H Canada will earn 60%!

Using a $10 item as an example:

$4.00 covers Veseys product, shipping and program costs,

$6.00 is invested in 4-H Canada:

  • $3.50 is kept by your organization to run 4-H activities and help cover your costs;
  • $1.50 goes to your province for member opportunities, volunteer training and to help ensure 4-H is safe, inclusive and fun!;
  • $1.00 is invested in the Canadian 4-H Foundation to ensure the legacy of 4-H continues in Canada. The Foundation provides an operating grant to 4-H Canada annually, which helps us keep national opportunities accessible to all youth in Canada.

Space is limited so sign up today!

Step 1: Order the Information Kit

The Veseys Information Kit contains all the information you need to learn about our simple program. This Info Kit contains a 2 page description explaining the basics of how the program works, a copy of our 20 page colour brochure which shows all the products for sale and the prices, a sample of the individual order forms that will be used by your group members and a business reply card that you can use to order your free supplies.

By Telephone:  1-844-759-1013 (ext 141)

Or by Email:  [email protected]

Step 2: Order Sales Supplies

Veseys will send you whatever quantity of FREE material you require (one for every seller) including:

  • Catalogues: 16 pages of beautiful photographs and selling price for over 40 items;
  • Collection Envelopes: Keeping the sales money straight is always important and to make your life easier as the Chairperson of the project we will provide collection envelopes for each one of your volunteer sales people.
  • Order Forms: A simple and clear one-page Order Form in 2 parts. Your sellers complete the name, address and purchase particulars of each customer. Your sellers return the top copy to you as the Chairperson and they keep the second copy for themselves as a record of their sales.

As the Chairperson you will also receive:

  • Chairperson's Checklist: This one-page sheet will explain in greater detail how you can best organize the campaign in a step-by-step manner. It also includes important information about order deadlines and distribution of your products to your customers.
  • Master Order Form: This one-page form is used to tally your sales and place your order. You will compile the Master Order Form based on the individual order forms used by your sellers.

Please order a sufficient number of our FREE Fundraising supplies so that every member of your group receives a complete package (brochure, order form and collection envelope).

By Telephone:  1-844-759-1013 (ext 141)

Or by Email:  [email protected]

Step 3: Conduct Your Fundraiser

Now that you have your sales tools for each member in your group, you are ready to sell. Please read carefully the information enclosed in the Chairperson's Checklist that has been sent with the sales tools in order to enjoy an easy, hassle-free fundraiser.

Step 4: Mail Your Order

Please mail your Master Order Form and payment to:

Veseys Fundraising
PO Box 9000
Charlottetown PE C1A 8K6

Step 5: Receive Your Products

We ship your products for free, just in time for planting. So, as soon as you receive the products, be sure to tell your supporters to plant them right away. Dates for Spring Shipping: Mid April through May.