80th Anniversary Catalogue Cover Poster


Due to the overwhelming response to our beautiful 80th Anniversary Cover, we have been asked by many customers to produce a poster of this original artwork. To abide by our customers’ wishes we have produced this stunning reproduction of our 2019 Seed Catalogue cover which measures 12” x 17” and includes (on the back of the poster), the complete story of how this artwork was developed based on our company’s history. Measures 12” x 17”. Full colour with story of design printed on the back.  Limited quantities available.

The year was 1939 and following the invasion of Poland, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany marking the start of World War II. As these historic events were unfolding a vast ocean away, Arthur Vesey from York, Prince Edward Island was about to launch his company’s first mail order gardening catalogue consisting of vegetable seed varieties best suited to our Maritime gardening conditions.

Our 80th Anniversary cover contains some interesting elements. To begin, you will notice the airplanes overhead; Vesey’s forty-acre research farm is directly adjacent to the modern-day Charlottetown Airport facility. In December of 1939, the local government offered the airport to the Canadian authorities for military use through the duration of World War II. The Royal Canadian Air Force expanded the airport and enlarged the runways in preparation for the training of pilots and aircrew. Britain’s Royal Air Force used the airfield until February 1944 during which time it was known as RAF Station Charlottetown. In the early years of Vesey’s Seeds, training runs were a common site in the skies above our farm.

Surrounded by the glorious vegetables and flowers that our seed has provided gardeners for the past eighty years stands a young farmer holding our famous, PEI grown, York Turnip. This image, purposely created to represent our company’s leaders of past and present generations, speaks to our desire to be progressive and earnest in our search for the best performing seed varieties.

The building, showcased in the center of our illustration, is a representation of our early headquarters here in York. This building, while expanded many times over the decades, still houses most of the staff and management of our firm and reminds us on a daily basis of the rich heritage we have earned over the last eight decades.

Commemorating our 80 years, the Red Ensign Standard was the de facto Canadian national flag from 1868 until 1965 when it was replaced by the maple leaf design. The Union Jack also graces our cover as a reminder of the close ties we have enjoyed over the decades with the United Kingdom.

Completing the design, we have reintroduced a long-standing slogan from Vesey’s past - “Seed for Short Seasons”. This motto led to the growth and success of Vesey’s Seeds over the years as gardeners in cooler climates such as our own had previously only been able to purchase varieties that were not necessarily suited for their hardiness zones.

This wonderful and imaginative cover illustration was developed over the last several months by respected Canadian artist Kerry Hodgson. She has uniquely captured the essence of our business in a manner that not only celebrates our beginnings but looks forward to future decades of service to the gardeners of North America.
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