Acropolis Clematis

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Clematis. Evipo078. Compact and extremely floriferous, 'Acropolis' produces beautiful glowing pink flowers with a dark-pink, near red center stripe on each petal. A reliable re-bloomer, with flowers throughout the entire summer and well into autumn. A mature Clematis in full bloom can be one of the most stunning displays in any garden. Clematis are self-climbers, just give them a trellis or anything fine, like mesh, to climb on and they will vigorously twirl themselves higher and higher. Clematis enjoy sunny tops but cool, shaded roots so plant them where their roots are shaded by other plants or mulch thickly. We recommend that you start your new Clematis in a pot where it can be kept watered until it begins to grow and get established before transplanting into its final location. Height 3-4'. No. 1 root.

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