All in the Family Tulip Blend

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Tulipa.  A family reunion with a blend of pink Letha Vessey and red Vera Simpson tulips. Height 16-18". Bulb size 12+ cm in circumference.

As we approach the 80th anniversary of Vesey's we are launching several special celebratory initiatives. One very special project is the naming of two brand new tulip varieties in honour of our owners' mothers. We are delighted to announce these new varieties and share with the world the release of the Vera Simpson and the Letha Vessey tulips.  Not only is this considered 'breaking news' in the flower world but it's also a surprise for our owners Bev and Shirley Simpson. Exclusive to Vesey's, these amazing new tulips feature the strength and beauty so admired in these two women. Together, these flowers make a wonderful combination and we look forward to some substantial plantings here at our PEI location, so we can enjoy their abundant bloom during our 80th year in 2019. Carrying these official names for eternity, we honour Vera and Letha and look forward to sharing these bulbs with gardeners across the country.

To purchase the Letha Vessey and/or Vera Simpsoon tulips separately please click here: Letha Vessey (76287) or here: Vera Simpson (76288).

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FALL 2018 - We begin shipping Fall Bulbs in late September-early October to the coldest zones first, so you receive your bulbs at the proper time for planting. If we have your email address you will receive a notification once your order has shipped.
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