Big & Bold Seed Collection


If you want to make a statement in your garden, these are the ones to grow!  This collection contains 4 seed pkgs, 1 each of Musa Banana, Ricinus Zanzibaransis, American Giant Sunflower and Benarys Giant Zinnia. 

Musa Banana:  Musa ensete. (Large Seeded). Also known as Ethopian Banana. A fast growing plant that makes a wonderful centerpiece in an outdoor container, or a handsome tropical houseplant. Can grow to 20 feet high in warm climates or in a large solarium. Gets 2-3 feet the first year and up to 4-5 feet in the second. Prefers full sun to light shade where summers are hot. Easy to overwinter in any bright room. Approximately 5 seeds/pkg, 13 seeds/25g.

Ricinus Zanzibaransis:  R. communis.  Also known as Castor Bean. Probably the largest variety with the largest leaves! Leaves can get 2-3 feet wide and are bright green with conspicuous white veining.  Please note that all parts of the plant are poisonous.  These plants may have various coloured seed heads. Add something exotic to your garden. Ricinus is grown for grand stature, with its huge, tropical foliage and ornamental seed pods. Sow outdoors after final frost. Height 6-8 feet tall. Approximately 12 seeds/pkg.

American Giant Sunflower:  Look no further for the best huge variety to win sunflower competitions. This hybrid beauty can reach up to 16 feet tall supported by a strong, sturdy stalk. Enormous leaves are topped with 10 inch golden yellow flowers that bees just can't resist. Grow this giant for a stunning display along the back of any flower garden. Matures in 70 days. Approximately 20 seeds/pkg

Benarys Giant Zinnia:  Zinnia elegans.  The colours in this mix are so bright and colourful they'll knock your boots off. These 3-4" fully double beauties are grown atop vigorous, long thick stems. Zinnias make an excellent statement in any flower arrangement as they are an excellent cut flower and have great disease resistances. Height 28-36". Approximately 25 seeds/pkg.

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