Container Garden Seed Collection


Great performers for sumer-long colour in containers. This collection contains 4 seed packages, 1 each of Pinto Mix Coleus, Maverick Mix Geranium, Purple Wave Petunia and Pacino Gold Sunflower.

Pinto Mix Coleus:  Coleus blumei. An array of attractive colours blotched, tie-dyed and swirled on this giant 3 foot tall coleus. With leaves bigger than your hand, this is an outstanding addition to any garden or container. Holds up nicely from spring through to fall. A great addition to a shady corner. Approx. 320 seeds/pkg.

Maverick Mix Geranium:  Pelargonium hortorum.  These vigorous plants make this the best geranium for using in landscaping.  Each large 5-6" flower head has many small blooms. It has distinct foliage and is very showy and colourful when planted in beds or containers.  Maverick Mix will be one of the longest blooms in your garden.  Start indoors at least 12 weeks before last spring frost in your area.  Approximately 10 seeds/Pkg.

Purple Wave Petunia:  Petunia x hybrida.  Waves require no pinching or pruning to have season long bloom, although some pinching will produce bushier baskets. Plants get only 4-6" tall but spread 3-4 feet. Colourful 2-3" blooms absolutely smother these spreading plants. Excellent grown as a groundcover, in hanging baskets, pots or window boxes. Start Petunia seed inside 8 weeks before last frost date. Pelleted seed. Approximately 10 seeds/pkg.

Pacino Gold Sunflower:  Helianthus annuus.  An abundance of brilliant 5-6 inch lemony yellow flowers... all at one time! Dwarf plants can be grown in a pot, containers, or in the garden. Perfect for cutting for indoor arrangements. Height 12-16 inches.  Pacino Gold has lemon yellow petals and gold centers.  Direct seed outdoors after danger of frost. Sunflowers require full sun, well-drained soil. Approximately 20 seeds/pkg.

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