Covington Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet Potatoes are gaining in popularity and rightfully so. Full of flavour and very nutritious, Sweet Potatoes are delicious boiled, baked or in your favourite recipes.

Covington is an improved early variety that will mature in short season areas with proper care. Bright orange flesh with beautiful, deep rose colored skin. Sweet and smooth textured flesh. It is higher yielding and produces more consistently sized potatoes than Beauregard.

We ship unrooted vines which should be placed in water to root for 4 to 5 days or be rooted in a soiless mix for a week to 10 days. They will often look wilted when you receive them but should quickly revive once in the water or potting mix. Once the plants have begun to root they can be planted outside after all risk of frost has passed.

For best results they should be planted through black plastic mulch to warm the soil. A full sun, sheltered location is best. Using this method we have had great harvests in our trials with some sweet potatoes weighing over 2 lbs.

Approximate vines for a 50' row: 36; Approx. yield per plant: 2-3 lbs.


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