Easy Grow Seed Collection


This collection contains 5 seed packages, 1 each of Classic Fantasitc Bachelors Buttons, Candyman Orange Calendula, Sensation Mix Cosmos, Rumba Mix Nasturtium and Sunny Days Sunflower. 

Classic Fantastic Bachelors Buttons:  Centaurea cyanus.  Annual. Fantastic blend of dark to light blue shades continue to be loved by many. Single to semi-double 1-2" fluffy blooms have a captivating dark blue center supported by a strong and sturdy 30" stem. A reliable classic for any type of flower garden and an ideal choice as a cut flower. Approx. 220 seeds/pkg. 

Candyman Orange Calendula:  Calendula officinalis.  Annual.  Luminous orange double flower will put on a show in any landscape. These long flowering large blossoms are supported on a sturdy dwarf stem that is multi-branched and will be sure to give you a beautiful burst of colour. Excellent for cutting or use the edible blooms to garnish a salad. Height 10-12". Full sun. Approximately 120 seeds/pkg 

Sensation Mix Cosmos:  Cosmos bipinnatus.  Annual.  Giant single blooms in colours of white, pink and deep crimson. Tall plants with finely cut foliage. Nice cutting flower. One of the easiest and most popular direct seed annuals. Simply sprinkle the seed where you would like them to grow and magically they appear! Great fun for kids and the daintiest of cut flowers. Height 36-48 inches. Approximately 225-250 seeds/pkg. 

Rumba Mix Nasturtium:  Tropaeolum majus.  Annual. Vibrant semi double blossoms of red and peach hues set off by dark attractive dark green foliage. These ornamental edibles are great to use in salads with their peppery flavour or just as a garnish. Height 10-12". Large plantings add most impact of colour in full sun.  Approx. 36 seeds/pkg.

Sunny Days Sunflower:  Helianthus annuus.  Annual.  Perfect solution for a short colorful hedge. Cheerful mix of colours form a neat and compact habit at only 24-30" tall with blossoms that are 4-5". Even if its a cloudy day, you will still see sun with a multitude of flowers. Great addition to any flower arrangement. Direct seed outdoors after danger of frost. Sunflowers require full sun, well-drained soil. Approximately 30 sds/pkg. 

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