Fingerling Potato Collection 1

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This collection contains 4 lbs, 2 lbs each of French Fingerlings and La Ratte Fingerlings potatoes.

The ideal place to grow perfect seed potatoes would be an isolated place where the soil is sandy and free of stones… where winters are long and cold, with deep frosts to cleanse the soil of disease… welcome to Prince Edward Island! Our potato varieties are Elite and Foundation Seed stock which have been produced under strictly controlled regulations assuring you of the most disease-free stock available. When you plant P.E.I. Seed, you know you are planting the best!  

Because potatoes are a perishable product, orders will be shipped in the spring, after all danger of frost is past. If you reside in an area only serviced by Canada Post Air, we request that you check with our Customer Service staff concerning additional freight charges.

Sold as: 4 lb pkg

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Potatoes will be shipped in the spring after all danger of frost has passed.
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