French Bean Collection

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Three French specialty varieties in one collection, 200 seeds each of Maxibel (Green), Borsalino (Yellow) and 25g of Flambo (Maroon) French Beans. Untreated seed only.

Maxibel: A perfect extra long stringless filet. Dark green bush bean averages a very straight 7”. Slender, firm texture with excellent flavour. Beans hold well on plants. High yields. Although they are of the same species as bush beans, French Filet varieties are thinner and more tender... with a superb taste! Maturity approximately 50 days.

Flambo: A versatile horticultural bean. Flamboyant, maroon and white multi-purpose beans. This bush-type variety is strikingly brilliant with maroon and white blossoms followed by plump, 7" slightly flattened maroon and white pods. Can be used fresh, frozen or dried. Excellent flavour. Matures in 80 days. 

Borsalino: Gourmet yellow beans. A fine yellow filet for gourmet beans. Upright plant produces a heavy set of bright yellow beans resulting in easy picking and good yields. Fine beans are 4 inches long and very straight. Good flavour. Matures in 60 days.

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