Herb Perennial Seed Collection


This selection of hardy ornamental and culinary herbs is a great addition to any garden. This collection includes 6 packages, one each of Chives, Munstead Lavender, Mint, Oregano, Sage and Winter Thyme.

Chives:  Tastes like mild, sweet onions. Great in salads or herbal vinegar. Height 6-10”. Treated seed. Approx. 1200 seeds/pkg. Zone 3. 

Munstead Lavender:  Lavendula augustifolia. Our most hardy perennial lavender! Over-winters reliably in our trials, cold tolerant to zone 4! Can be clipped into a formal shape or left natural to provide mounds of fragrant blooms suitable for cutting. A magnet for butterflies and lavender enthusiasts, providing years of pleasure! Height 14”. Approx. 275 seeds/pkg.

Mint:  Mentha spicata. Leaves used in a variety of recipes, the most popular being jelly. Makes a nice tea and adds a great fragrance to potpourri. Height 1-3 ft. Approximately 1750 seeds/Pkg. Zone 4.

Oregano:  Origanum vulgare. Indispensable in Italian, Spanish and Mexican cooking. Used in a variety of tomato dishes. Flowers can be used in dried crafts. Good in vinegar. Height 1-2 feet. Approximately 1000 seeds/Pkg. Zone 5.

Sage: Salvia officinalis. Beautiful gray foliage with blue flowers. Classic seasoning used in sausages, pork and veal dishes as well as in poultry stuffing. Height 12-30". Multiseed pellets contain 6-10 seeds per pellet. Each pellet fills a pot. 20 pellets/pkg. Zone 5.

German Winter Thyme: Thymus vulgaris 'german winter'. Also known as English Thyme. A hardy, widely grown perennial. Leaves are used fresh or dried to season meats, vegetables, soups and sauces. Height 10-12". Approximately 1,500 seeds/pkg.

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