Hi-Rise Super Hoops

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Made from two heavy guage wires joined by cross braces, they are easier to install than single hoops (no flopping!). They support fabric, bird and shade netting better too. They are ideally suited for 3' wide raised beds and may also be used in 4' wide beds as well as in-ground beds. For these situations we recommend using 10" Earth Staples to secure the hoops, especially in soft ground and windy locations.

Hi-Rise Super Hoops include two sets of Super Hoops with 12 inline connectors. They are 116" long and provide 43" headroom in a 3' bed; enough height for all but the highest crops. 

Hi-Rise Super Hoops with Ag-19 12' x 50' Floating Row Cover is the ideal solution for holding in warmth and moisture for faster germination, earlier harvests, higher yields and reduced frost damage. They let water, air and sun through and are lightweight, so support hoops are not necessary. They are also essential in preventing insects and other pests from damaging crops such as radishes, turnips, arugula, broccoli and cauliflower.  The lightweight Ag-19 provides up to 4°F frost protection for frost-sensitive perennials and vegetables and has an 85% light transmission.

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