Holland Pride Garden

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The most popular choice from our 4 colour­ themed gardens last season, our Holland Pride orange bouquet will look stunning against any backdrop. As with all four gardens this is a great value for 25 bulbs. Contains the following:

1 Decorative Orange Dahlia
Hardy to zones 8-10 Size No.1 Height 36-48" Spacing 18-24" Full Sun Cut Flower

2 Orange Asiatic Lilies
Hardy to zone 3-9 Bulb size 12-14cm Height18-24" Spacing 6-8" Full or Part Sun Cut Flower

4 Peter Pears Gladiolus
Hardy to zones 7-10 Bulb size 10-12cm Height 36-48" Spacing 5-6"
Full Sun Cut Flower Deer Resistant

18 Orange Single Freesia
Hardy to zones 8-10 Bulb size 5-6cm Height12-24" Spacing 4-6" Full Sun Part Sun Fragrant

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