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Great salads all summer long. From the delightful mix of colours and textures in the Baby Leaf Blend to the velvety smoothness of Edox and the cool crispness of Parris Island. This colleciton contains 3 packages, 1 each of Baby Leaf, Edox and Parris Island.

Baby Leaf: This mesclun blend includes various leaf colours, shapes and tastes for a truly gourmet appeal. Sow every week or two for a continuous supply of delicious salad greens! Maturity 25-30 days. Approx. 1000 seeds/pkg

Edox: Crisp and subtle flavour. It has the best, clear, burgundy red and bright green colours with a full, tight head of soft thick leaves. This lettuce was reliable and consistent as an early and late harvest. Matures in 55 days. Approx. 250 seeds/pkg.

Parris Island: Crisp leaves and sweet flavour. Attractive, uniform heads are large, growing about 10” tall, with deep green outer leaves protecting the creamy white heart. Maturity 70-75 days. Approx. 1600 seeds/pkg. 

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