Mad Hatter Pepper


AAS winner.  Unique flavour and shape.  The fruit has a delicate floral scent and rich flavour that intensifies and sweetens as it matures.  Nothing else tastes like it in our trials.  Novel three-sided shape peppers are produced on vigorous, bushy, medium sized plants.  Up to 40-50 peppers are produced on each plant. 500 scoville units. Matures in 85-90 days.  Seed Count:  Approx. 10 seeds/pkg; Starter Plants: 6 plants/pkg.

Starter Plant Info: 6 plants/pkg. Minimum Purchase Required:  When purchasing Starter Plants you must purchase a minimum of 12 plants, this can be a combination of any 2 pkgs of 6 plants (or 1 collection of 12 plants).  Shipping info:  All Starter Plant orders will be shipped in early-mid May via Canada Post Express Post. If we have your email address you will receive a notification once your order has shipped.


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