Mantis Compost-Twin Composter and Accessories

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Compost is the best way to put organic nutrients back into your soil for a lush vegetable, fruit or flower garden. And the Mantis Compost-Twin lets you do it with no mess, no odors, and no hard work!

With The Mantis Compost-Twin there's always a place for your scraps and there's always compost for your garden. The unique two-chamber design allows your compost to "cook" in one chamber, while leaving room to fill the second chamber with plenty of organic scraps. Just add your compost materials to one of the twin chambers, turn the handle to spin the drum each day, and in weeks, you'll have rich, dark, homemade fertilizer.

The Mantis Compost-Twin holds almost 25 cubic feet of raw material – that's 10 bushels in each chamber! You'll always have a place to throw your kitchen scraps, leaves and grass clippings, and you'll have a constant supply of the rich, nutrient-filled compost your garden loves!

The Mantis Compost-Twin Sifter Screen makes composting easier than ever. When your compost is "cooked", and you're ready to empty the barrel, just replace the door with the Sifter Screen. No tools needed. Now you're ready to sift out the smaller particles. Just turn the drum of your Compost-Twin. Fine particles of compost fall through the screen into your container or wheelbarrow. It's that easy!

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