Stack n Grow LED Light System

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These full-spectrum LEDs use half the energy and last 5x longer than fluorescent tubes. Our popular Stack-n-Grow, updated with specialized, full-spectrum LED bulbs. Lights are designed to optimize plant growth. Each Stack-n-Grow Light unit features two 3’ long LED lights, engineered to save energy and grow exceptional plants. With this modular system, you can start with the LED Stack-n-Grow Light System base unit, and then stack up to two LED Add-On units on top of the base unit to multiply your growing space. Fast, no-tools assembly. Start 72 seedlings in 3-1/2 sq. ft. of space. Easiest-ever system for adjusting light height. Lightweight — each unit weighs just 7 lbs. Add-On units include wall brackets for additional stability. (Plants & trays shown in photo not included.)

Product Details: Recycled polypropylene, aluminum, polycarbonate; Reflectors are made with polyethylene film protector, nano aluminum and PET base; Each unit is 31" L x 15-1/2" W x 21" H; Dimensions between the posts are 28" L and 12-1/4" W; LED Lights are 36" L; Colour temperature is 6500K; Each shelf holds up to 110 lbs; Add-On units include wall brackets for stability; Assembly required.

About our LEDs: Engineered LED light tubes specifically to meet the exacting needs of plants. They deliver full-spectrum light with an additional spike of blue light to stimulate stronger root growth and enhance photosynthesis. Long-lasting LED tubes won’t shatter like glass bulbs and they're mercury-free so, unlike fluorescent bulbs, there's no need for special disposal.

Please note: When stacking units, prevent water from dripping from upper shelves onto the light fixtures below by placing our Plant Trays underneath, or use drip trays or saucers on each shelf.

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