SunBlaster Light Kits and Accessories

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Here's a perfect way that you can easily and affordably set up your early growing stations in your basement, attic or any other spare space around your home.  Produced in Canada, the SunBlaster family of products are versatile, easy to use and highly energy efficient. Contained with each SunBlaster fixture and bulb is a connection wire that allows you to link multiple SunBlasters together and increase your growing space at home.

Rated at 6400K and 2232 Lumens, this plug-n-play fixture includes ballast, lamp, power cord, link cable and mounting hardware.

Consider adding the Nanotech T5 Reflector which is specifically designed to fit the T5 fixture; dramatically adding more light to your plants, this revolutionary reflector redirects and spreads the light rays deep into the plant resulting in bigger, healthier and faster growing plants.

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