Winter Squash Collection


Here is a great collection made up of four of our favourite winter squash varieties. This collection contains 4 seed packages, 1 each of Sweet Mama, Sunshine, Early Butternut and Heart of Gold Winter Squash.

Sweet Mama:  Excellent storage hybrid winter squash. Smooth, dark green fruit set close to center of semi-bush type plants. At maturity, fruit will weigh about 3-4 lbs each. Flesh is thick, yellow and sweet flavoured. Maturity approximately 85-90 days. Approx. 15-20 sds/pkg.

Sunshine:  Bright orange. An attractive, eye-catching hybrid squash that really stands out. It has bright red-orange rinds with tan stripes on the exterior. Sweet orange flesh is smooth and ideal for baking or mashing. The vines are vigorous and produce a great yield of 3-4 lb round squash with a flattened top. Matures in 98 days. 10-15 sds/pkg.

Early Butternut:  Best butternut for short seasons. This hybrid is substantially earlier than other butternut varieties. It produces large yields of high quality uniform fruit. The medium sized (10-12 inch) blocky fruit are tan-coloured with flesh that is dark orange, fine textured and sweet tasting. Plants are semi-bush and fairly compact. 85-90 days. Approx. 25 sds/pkg.

Heart of Gold:  Green and white stripes. A sweet dumpling hybrid acorn squash. Semi-bush plant producing heart shaped fruit with mottled striping. The flesh is thick, orange and fine grained. High yields. Maturity is about 90 days. Approx. 20 sds/pkg.

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