Yukon Nugget Potatoes

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Not available for 2022 due to current CFIA guidelines and restrictions.

Perfect for roasted potatoes. Not unlike a cherry tomato is to tomatoes, 'Creamer' potatoes are bred to be small and are generally harvested early before they develop a thicker skin. They are meant to be cooked without having to peel the skin and can be boiled or roasted whole without cutting. Nutritious, tasty and novel! Yukon Nuggets are a round to oval shape with light yellow flesh and shallow red eyes. Resistant to common scab and hollow heart. Our potato varieties are Elite and Foundation Seed stock which have been produced under strictly controlled regulations assuring you of the most disease-free stock available. When you plant P.E.I. Seed, you know you are planting the best!  

Shipping: Because potatoes are a perishable product, orders will be shipped in the spring, after all danger of frost is past. If you reside in an area only serviced by Canada Post Air, we request that you check with our Customer Service staff concerning additional freight charges. 

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Potatoes will be shipped in the spring after all danger of frost has passed.
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Not Available for 2022