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Butterfly Plant

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Asclepias tuberosa

Hardy to Zones 3-9

This perennial plant is a native to North America. Clusters of fragrant flowers form on top of 2-3 ft stems with 2-3" slender, fuzzy, leaves.

Plant 15"-18" apart with the top of the tap root about 1/2" to 1" below soil level and digging deep enough to plant the carrot-like root vertically without coiling or breaking the roots. Mix a couple teaspoons of bone meal into the planting hole if desired. Grows best in full sun, in sandy, well drained, soil.

May be difficult to move without damaging the root system if they have been planted for a long time. If necessary transplant only when dormant or propagate by seed.

Blooms July - August. On a large plant, you could easily find several butterflies at any one time. Once established, these members of the milkweed family are extremely drought tolerant and very long lived.