Canadian Saffron Crocus


Crocus sativus. The most expensive spice in the world, Saffron, grown in your yard! Exclusively Canadian, these bulbs are produced in Quebec. The indescribable taste is one that is not forgotten once tried. Once the herb is dried, you can enjoy such dishes as Risotto alla Milanese or Paella at home!

One thousand bulbs average 6g of saffron a year. Bulbs typically triple their flower output year over year. A package of 20 bulbs should produce enough saffron in the first season for the average family to enjoy sparingly.

Saffron is pollinator friendly and a great source of pollen for honey bees. Height 4-6".

Shipping Time: Saffron Crocus will be shipped late August-early September.

Sold as: Pkg of 20

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