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Armoracia rusticana.  Easy to grow perennial. Horseradish is a widely-adapted, hardy perennial producing roots that are ground or finely shredded to make wonderfully hot and sweet sauces and condiments. Horseradish root can be harvested in late fall or early spring. Dig in the fall after a hard frost for sweeter flavour, or before the plant leafs out in the spring for maximum pungency. Roots should be divided and replanted every 2 years to prevent them from becoming woody. Horseradish spreads easily so you may want to isolate it in your garden. No. 1 root.

We will hold horseradish roots orders until the appropriate planting time for your area (usually around mid April-early May). Requests for large orders should be made by mid-March.

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Spring Planting: we begin shipping in late April through May beginning with the warmest hardiness zones, so you receive your products at the proper time for planting.
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