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Sunflowers (A)

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Helianthus annus.


Direct seed outdoors after all danger of frost is past. (Dwarf varieties can be seeded inside in peat pots 3 weeks before planting out.) Sow 1” deep in light, well-drained soil. Keep moist until seed germinates in 10-14 days. Space in a full sun location 6-24” apart depending on variety. Giant varieties should be planted 20-24” apart, while cut flower varieties should be spaced 6-10” apart to get smaller heads and slender stems for bouquets. Water regularly but do not over fertilize. Cut flowers last 10-14 days. Drying sunflower heads: If drying outside they should be protected with plastic mesh or brown paper bags. Just cover the heads to keep the birds away. To harvest, cut the seed heads leaving 12” of stem attached. Hang in an airy place safe from birds and rodents. Heads should be dry in 2-3 weeks. Remove seeds by rubbing two heads together. You may store the seeds on the heads until you need them.