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Apple Trees

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Hardy to zone 4

Plant apple trees 5-6 meters (15-18 feet) apart in the spring in a full sun location with good air circulation and drainage. For best results, two varieties should be planted to ensure successful pollination and fruit production.

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate all of the roots without bending (approx. 18 inches). Place the tree in the hole with the graft union about three inches above the soil surface. You should be able to see the soil mark on the trunk where the tree has been taken out of the ground, it should be planted no deeper than this. Mix compost with the soil to fill back in the hole once the tree is set in place, and lightly firm to ensure good soil root contact. Water surrounding the tree to ensure good root establishment. Water every two to three days if your season is dry.

You may need to stake the tree by using ties that will not girdle or scar the tree’s bark. Using two stakes to ensure that the tree will grow in an upright position for the first two years will be sufficient, after this time the stakes can be removed.

You can fertilize the tree with a 17-17-17 a few weeks after planting, do not fertilize right after planting as this may cause burn to the roots.