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Brassica oleracea var. capitata


Plant seeds ¼-½" deep. Transplant or thin small plants to 15-18" apart in rows 32-36" apart. Transplants can be started in April for May planting. Transplant after 4-6 weeks. Use a starter fertilizer, soaking the root ball thoroughly prior to transplanting. Direct seed in late spring, as seedlings can tolerate a light frost. Cabbage can be direct seeded up until mid-late June for a continuous harvest. Soil temperature should be 21-26°C (70-80°F) for optimal germination in 4-7 days.


Cabbage prefers full sun, but will tolerate part shade. Prepare a rich, loose soil that holds moisture well and has a pH level of 6.0-6.5. Cabbage is a heavy feeder and will also benefit from applications of boron, calcium and magnesium, particularly during the early stages of growth.


Heads are ready when firm and when the interior is dense. Heads will split when over mature; rapid growth due to excess moisture and fertility will also cause splitting.

Sowing Rate:

Allow 125g/acre if growing transplants; 500g/acre if direct seeding.