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Ground Cherries

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Physalis pruinosa


Ground Cherries require a fairly long growing season so they should be started 8 weeks prior to transplanting. Press seeds into soil surface, cover lightly and provide constant moisture and bottom heat. Ground Cherries are slower than tomatoes to germinate, requiring 10-14 days. Plants will grow to 24 inches tall and spread 18 inches, so space 24-36 inches apart after all risk of frost has passed.


Ground Cherries are fairly light feeders so a good application of compost or well-rotted manure at planting time should be adequate. Growing through plastic or paper mulch is beneficial as it suppresses weeds and makes the fruit easier to find once it has dropped from the plant.


Fruit are ripe when husks turn brown and drop from the plant. Ground cherries will keep for a number of weeks once picked if left in the husks.

Pests & Diseases:

Ground Cherries do not have any major pests or diseases.