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Raphanus sativus


Begin sowing as soon as the ground can be worked. Radish does best in the spring and fall when the soil is cool, 4-18°C (45-65°F) and the days are short. Summer production of radish may not be as uniform. Sow ½" apart and ¼" deep in rows 12-18" apart. Thin to approx. 35 seeds/ft. Make successive sowings every 5-7 days to keep a constant supply of fresh radish all season.


Requires full sun location, with a pH of 6.0-7.0. Extremely light feeders; no special soil preparation is required. Sufficient water is essential as the faster the radish, the better the flavour. Plant radish in rows with slow germinating seeds like carrots, parsnip and beets to help break the soil and aid in the germination of the slower seeds.


Harvest as soon as roots reach a desired size, 20-25 days.

Pests & Diseases:

Flea beetles, small, shiny, hopping insects that leave small holes in the leaves. Avoid planting too early, use row covers or Rotenone dust to control insects. Also, planting with taller growing companions will help to hide the plants from insects.


Lettuce, bean, beet, carrot, parsnip, pea, spinach. Radish improves the flavour of lettuce.