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Sow seeds in a shallow tray of potting mix, press seed into surface, it is not necessary to cover. To speed germination you can soak the seed for a couple of hours before planting. 125g of Pea seed or 25g of Corn should be enough for an 11” x 21” tray. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Cover the tray with black plastic or another tray to block out light. This will encourage the sprouts to stretch, otherwise they will be too short to harvest.


Once seedlings have reached the desired height they can either be harvested yellow, or left in the light for a day to develop green colouring. Do not leave in the light for too long before harvesting as the shoots will become tough. To harvest cut the seedlings off just above ground level with a sharp knife or scissors. The plants will not re-grow, so discard the left over soil and start a new batch.


Damping off can be a problem with shoots. Be sure and use fresh potting mix with each batch, do not over water and allow air to circulate around the seedlings.