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Angus and Heidi’s Very Favourite Varieties

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Here our pros list their favourite varieties from the entire Veseys catalogue. In their opinion, these are absolutely the most exciting, reliable, improved, flavourful and impressive varieties that Veseys has to offer.

  1. Gold Rush Yellow Bean - Our finest Yellow Wax Bean. Long, straight pods, easy picking. Excellent for freezing. TIP: Sow untreated seed after soil has warmed up in spring.
  2. Lewis Green Bean - Easy picking, tender pods and good flavor. TIP: Sow untreated seed after soil has warmed up in spring.
  3. Merlin Beet - Sweetest, darkest red beet. Less thinning required. Disease resistance and much more. TIP: Test soil and add Boron if required.
  4. Yaya - The best carrot for flavour, colour, tolerance to bolting, earliness and yield. TIP: Deep Cultivation
  5. Honey Select Corn - Excellent flavour, size and appearance. TIP: Electric Fence
  6. Mercury Cucumber - It is high yielding, dark green and spineless with a thin skin. TIP: Sow late and keep picked. Remove large fruit to ensure vines produce all season.
  7. Galiano Oakleaf Lettuce - Dense head with a mild flavour. Tipburn and bolt resistant. TIP: sprinkle diatomaceous earth for slug protection.
  8. New Queen Watermelon - Gourmet ice-box type. Bright orange crispy, juicy flesh. Vigorous vines and good yields. TIP: Use row covers and planter’s paper. Wait until mid-June to plant outdoors.
  9. Ambition Shallot - The rose of the onion family - enough said. TIP: Fertilize and weed regularly.
  10. Carmen Pepper - The first to turn red. Heavy yielding. Sweet flavour. Best for short seasons. TIP: Use planter’s paper.