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Trial Gardens

Angus Mellish and Heidi Wood know how to grow vegetables. Each season at Veseys, the pair plant hundreds and hundreds of vegetable varieties in our trial gardens in York, PEI.

Angus and Heidi know what to look for when comparing a new variety to the proven performers of the past, and if a new variety impresses them enough, you just might see it in a future Veseys catalogue.

Veseys Vegetable Planting Chart

Veseys Vegetable Growing Guide

Angus and Heidi's 10 Must-Grow Vegetables For Beginners
An excellent list that will give a brand new vegetable gardener the confidence and support needed to begin a wonderful new hobby.
Angus and Heidi’s Very Favourite Varieties
The pros list their favourite varieties from the entire Veseys catalogue.
Tomato Blight - Everything You Need To Know
Angus Mellish, Veseys' Seed Manager, talks aboutTomato Blight in detail.