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  • Image of Arizona Sun Gailllardia Arizona Sun Gailllardia

    Large fiery red-orange blooms tipped with a ring of rich yellow. Compact plants covered in blooms all season long. The Arizona series are quick to flower from seed, and once established are very long ... more »

  • Image of Arizona Apricot Gaillardia Arizona Apricot Gaillardia

    Eye catching orange fading to yellow tipped petals. Compact plants covered in blooms all season long. The Arizona series are quick to flower from seed, and once established are very long lived and low ... more »

  • Image of Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia

    The first red Gaillardia. Compact plants covered in blooms all season long. The Arizona series are quick to flower from seed, and once established are very long lived and low maintenance. This native ... more »

  • Image of Attractive Butterfly Collection Attractive Butterfly Collection

    This collection contains 4 pkgs; 1 each of Carmine Rose Butterfly Flowers, Orange Shades Butterfly Flower, Russell Mix Lupins and Halo Mix Hollyhocks. more »

  • Image of Bird & Butterfly Mix Wildflowers Bird & Butterfly Mix Wildflowers

    A very popular mix for increasing diversity in your garden, this choice mixture provides seeds and nectar to songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies. Contains a mixture of twenty different reseeding ... more »

  • Image of Buzzing Bee Collection Buzzing Bee Collection

    Attracting bees to your yard has never been easier! This collection contains 4 pkgs; 1 each of Sensation Candy Strip Cosmos, Sunny Days Sunflowers, California Blue Bells and Classic Magic Bachelors ... more »

  • Image of Hummingbird Lovers Collection Hummingbird Lovers Collection

    This collection contains 4 pkgs; 1 each of Benary's Giant Zinnia, Trio Mix Morning Glory, Whirlybird Mix Nasturtium and Old Spice Sweetpeas. more »

  • Image of Jolt Pink Dianthus Jolt Pink Dianthus

    AAS 2015 Winner. Semi-hardy zone 7. Choose this incredible new Dianthus variety with excellent heat tolerance as well as top in performance for colour and vigor. Neatly fingered 3/4" pink ... more »

  • Image of Cottage Garden Mix Wildflowers Cottage Garden Mix Wildflowers

    Tranquility and beauty will surround you when escaping to your relaxing oasis of this age-old country style garden. Cottage gardens have adorned countless properties for centuries. Bright and cheery ... more »

  • Image of Moody Blues Nigella Moody Blues Nigella

    Soothing pale to deep blue unique double blooms surround an exquisite green seed pod. The spectacular display of this new variety will be the conversation of any new garden. Bees and butterflies love ... more »

  • Image of Sparkler Mix Cleome Sparkler Mix Cleome

    Dwarf hybrid mix with many 4-6" spidery blooms. These plants are more compact than older cleome varieties and are superior as they have stronger stalks. You will find blooms over a long season ... more »

  • Image of Alaska Shasta Daisy Alaska Shasta Daisy Hardy in Zones: 5a - 9b

    This standard white daisy is our top choice for creating 'Daisy Fields'. Drought tolerant, attractive to butterflies and can be direct seeded after last frost. Full sun to partial shade. ... more »

  • Image of Carmine Rose Butterfly Flower Carmine Rose Butterfly Flower Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    This is a must have for the butterfly garden! Commonly called Milkweed, it is the exclusive diet of the Monarch caterpillar. We have, in fact, seen several such caterpillars in our field trials! An ... more »

  • Image of Hollyhock Collection Hollyhock Collection

    Ideal cut flowers that attract bees and butterflies. A striking collection of four Hollyhocks, 1 pkg each of Halo Mix, Antwerp Mixed, Very Berry and Spring Celebrity Mix. more »

  • Image of Orange Shades Butterfly Flower Orange Shades Butterfly Flower Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Sunny orange blooms. This is a must-have for the butterfly garden! Commonly called milkweed, it is the exclusive diet of the monarch caterpillar. We have, in fact, seen several such caterpillars in ... more »

  • Image of Panorama Bee Balm Panorama Bee Balm Hardy in Zones: 4a - 10

    Also known as Bergamot, ‘Panorama’ is a perennial with a citrusy fragrance and brilliant blooms in a range of colours. Prefers sun or partial shade. Plants will flower second year and spread quickly. ... more »

  • Image of Pavlova Dark Blue Aster Pavlova Dark Blue Aster

    Stunning deep indigo, fully double blooms cover attractive plants. These "Tiger Paw" Asters have claw like petals that are incurved and twisted making for some first class bouquets. Large ... more »

  • Image of Pot & Patio Aster Pot & Patio Aster

    A dwarf aster ideally suited for beds, borders or patio containers. Early flowering and easily grown. A lovely mixture of colours. Height 10-12 inches. Approximately 40 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Purple Emperor Nasturtium Purple Emperor Nasturtium

    Beautiful dusty rose blooms fading to a light lavender purple. A new colour to nasturtiums that has a pleasing antique look to it. Vigorous spreading plants. Approx. 45 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Sensation Candy Stripe Cosmos Sensation Candy Stripe Cosmos

    This Cosmos is a no maintenance beauty that provides a whole lot of WOW in the garden. The flowers are white with rose edges and striping that gives notable variation to each bloom. It is a colourful ... more »

  • Image of Star Series Aster Star Series Aster

    Star Series Asters are striking with large spider-type blooms exploding with pastel colours in pink and violet. Late flowering and produces an abundance of flowers. Grows to a height of 20". Adds ... more »

  • Image of Uproar Rose Zinnia Uproar Rose Zinnia

    Electrifying and brilliant eye catching magenta-rose blossom with a perfectly rounded yellow crown. Will attract all visitors to your garden, especially the ones with wings. Not only does it have an ... more »

  • Image of Variegated Weigela Variegated Weigela Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    Densely clustered pink funnel-shaped blooms are attractive to hummingbirds and the variegated foliage creates a stunning effect in the garden. 4-6' in height and up to 5' in width. Full sun to ... more »

  • Image of Very Berry Hollyhock Very Berry Hollyhock

    The two shades of colour mixed in this variety is what gives the perfect name of this first year flowering perennial. Stunning maroon and soft pink blends of fully double 4-5" flowers rise above ... more »

  • Image of Aphrodite Sweetshrub Aphrodite Sweetshrub Hardy in Zones: 5a - 9b

    Just think of this shrub as as a dwarf, re-blooming red flowered magnolia and you'll understand its potential. Fragrant bright-red flowers adorned with a touch of yellow. This re-bloomer has nice ... more »

  • Image of Bobo Hydrangea Bobo Hydrangea Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    This dwarf hydrangea will turn heads. Bobo is a "blooming machine" as it will be engulfed with large white flowers. Flowers are held upright on strong stems and they continue to grow and ... more »

  • Image of Candyman Orange Calendula Candyman Orange Calendula

    Luminous orange double flower will put on a show in any landscape. These long flowering large blossoms are supported on a sturdy dwarf stem that is multi-branched and will be sure to give you a ... more »

  • Image of Firecracker Sedum Firecracker Sedum Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    This exceptional Sedum has incredible burgundy-red foliage that puts on a strong show of colour all season long. Compact and upright habit and dazzling hot-pink flower panicles that last for weeks and ... more »

  • Image of Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Hardy in Zones: 7a - 7b

    This form of Spanish Lavender produces masses of unusual, showy flowers on tall 3’ stems in early spring. The blooms have showy bright purple bracts that are held way above the aromatic grey-green ... more »

  • Image of Halo Mix Hollyhock Halo Mix Hollyhock Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9a

    Shimmering two toned blossoms with a unique glowing center. Stunning mix of 4-5 inch blossoms are supported by a strong and sturdy stem. Ideal cut flower and attracts bees and butterflies. Height ... more »

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