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  • Image of Big Love Darwin Tulip Big Love Darwin Tulip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    \nBig Love has enormous flowers in a unique and refreshing shade of dusty lilac-pink with incredibly dark stems. It's the only Darwin Tulip in this colour. Height 18-24".\n \nPerennial Darwin ... more »

  • Image of Black Dragon Coleus Black Dragon Coleus

    Attractive and curious. A riot of rumpled leaves in deep purple maroon oddly quilled around a raised central medallion sometimes flecked with violet or pink. Black Dragon holds colour well. An ... more »

  • Image of Blueberry Lime Jam Fuseable Petunia Blueberry Lime Jam Fuseable Petunia

    Fuseables make combination planting easy. No more having to try and guess the colour of mixed petunia plants before they flower. Each pellet contains seed of both the varieties, so each one will be a ... more »

  • Image of Classic Magic Bachelor's Buttons Classic Magic Bachelor's Buttons

    Annual. A spellbinding mix of purple shades. Classic magic was a standout in our trials. Beautiful range of colours from dark purple with white tips to pale purple with mostly white. This easy to grow ... more »

  • Image of Fama Scabiosa Fama Scabiosa Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    One of the most popular perennials worldwide, pincushion flowers bloom all summer and are outstanding! Domed, lace-edged flowers about 3" across with a 1½" disc of silvery white. Superb ... more »

  • Image of First Love Combo Kit First Love Combo Kit

    \nFirst love may just become your most loved Combo Kit. Six plants; 2 each of Cherry Cheesecake Crazytinua, Voodoo Red Verbena and White Stream Lobularia.\n \nImportant Ordering & Shipping ... more »

  • Image of Purple Majesty Ornamental Grass Purple Majesty Ornamental Grass

    This Millet has deep purple foliage, stems and cattail like plumes make for a striking accent plant. A single plant produces up to three 4-foot high spikes and several shorter side shoots. AAS Gold ... more »

  • Image of Star of Yelta Morning Glory Star of Yelta Morning Glory

    The most popular morning glory on our trial trellis! Large flower buds open during the day to reveal silky 2½ inch blooms. Flowers last longer than most varieties. Deep blue with contrasting ... more »

  • Image of Ballerina Series Datura Ballerina Series Datura

    Also known as Angel's Trumpet. One of the most asked about plants in our trials! Elegant trumpet-shaped flowers in soft shades of purple, yellow and white. Each 6-8" bloom is filled with an ... more »

  • Image of Perfume Series Nicotiana Perfume Series Nicotiana

    A profusion of perky star-shaped flowers, held well above the foliage, that exude a delicate fragrance in the evening. Flowering all summer long. Deep purple is a 2006 AAS winner. Mix includes 7 ... more »

  • Image of Purple Emperor Nasturtium Purple Emperor Nasturtium

    Beautiful dusty rose blooms fading to a light lavender purple. A new colour to nasturtiums that has a pleasing antique look to it. Vigorous spreading plants. Approx. 45 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Quartz Waterfall Verbena Quartz Waterfall Verbena

    Slightly spreading, mounded plants that are blanketed with flower heads made of many big, beautiful florets. The mix is a soothing blend of lavender blue, purple with white eye and solid white. It has ... more »

  • Image of Star Series Aster Star Series Aster

    Star Series Asters are striking with large spider-type blooms exploding with pastel colours in pink and violet. Late flowering and produces an abundance of flowers. Grows to a height of 20". Adds ... more »

  • Image of 'Tidal Wave' Petunias 'Tidal Wave' Petunias

    Terrific flower power with oceans of vibrant 2" blooms covering shrub-like plants. Spaced at a minimum of 12" apart in the garden, 'Tidal Waves' form a dense mounded 16-22" ... more »

  • Image of Best Seller Daylily Best Seller Daylily Hardy in Zones: 3a - 10

    Unique lavender-purple daylily with a lime-green throat, creamy yellow center zones and a matching heavily ruffled edge. A prolific rebloomer with semi-evergreen foliage. No.1 size root. more »

  • Image of Black Hero Tulip Black Hero Tulip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    An incredible Peony-flowering Tulip in a lustrous, deep purple-maroon shade so dark it can appear almost black! A vigorous grower, Black Hero returns year after year quite reliably. Bred from the ... more »

  • Image of Chansonette Triumph Tulip Chansonette Triumph Tulip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    This dramatic Triumph Tulip is perfectly Lily-shaped and exhibits an absolutely sumptuous shade of aubergine edged in white. Long-lasting and resilient in the garden, excellent for forcing and perfect ... more »

  • Image of Coal Seams Iris Coal Seams Iris Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Super tall stems hold very large, velvety almost black flowers. Ruffled and well-proportioned, this is a tall bearded iris that is hard to beat. No. 1 size root. more »

  • Image of Continental Triumph Tulip Continental Triumph Tulip

    This incredible Triumph type tulip has dark-purple, near black flowers. The matching dark-purple stems are unique and showy. Bulb size 12+ cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Denim 'n Lace Russian Sage Denim 'n Lace Russian Sage Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    This brand new Russian Sage is much improved, with a more compact but upright habit and stronger stems. Lacy and bright sky-blue flowers are long-lasting and make an incredible show. No. 1 size root. more »

  • Image of Dream Touch Double Tulip Dream Touch Double Tulip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Dramatic, peony-like flowers in a rich violet hue are incredible as a cut flower or as a point of focus in the mixed bed or border. Each petal is outlined perfectly in shimmering white, emphasizing ... more »

  • Image of Drumstick Allium Drumstick Allium Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    Clover-like rose-purple flowers are only 1-2 inches across and make the perfect filler in fresh bouquets. Bulb size 5+ cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Hardy in Zones: 7a - 7b

    This form of Spanish Lavender produces masses of unusual, showy flowers on tall 3’ stems in early spring. The blooms have showy bright purple bracts that are held way above the aromatic grey-green ... more »

  • Image of Fuji Blue Balloon Flower Fuji Blue Balloon Flower Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    The Balloon Flower produces masses of large balloon-like buds that burst open to reveal perfect, periwinkle-blue, bell-shaped flowers. No.1 root. more »

  • Image of Gladiator Allium Gladiator Allium Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Huge, lavender-blue balls on tall stems will decorate the back of the mixed border like no other plant. Virtually maintenance free and will multiply when left undisturbed. Bulb size 18-20 cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Grape Hyacinths Grape Hyacinths Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    The unmistakeable cobalt-blue of this classic muscari is essential and will make a bold statement in early spring. Bulb size: 9-10cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Greek Oregano Greek Oregano Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    \nAlso known as Winter Marjoram. A compact Evergreen Oregano with the sweet spiciness of Sweet Marjoram. Bright green leaves make it an attractive edging plant, especially in winter. Height 9". ... more »

  • Image of Jericho Double Tulip Jericho Double Tulip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Fully double, this peony-type tulip has luxurious, satiny petals of royal purple splashes of white. Flowers are large and truly exceptional. Height 16-20". Bulb size 11-12 cm in circ. \nPlease ... more »

  • Image of Jolyene Nichole Daylily Jolyene Nichole Daylily Hardy in Zones: 3a - 10

    Beautiful, dusty-rose petals with a chartreuse throat. 'Jolyene Nichole' is an eye-catcher with its broad, slightly recurved and frilly petals. Since they're 'blooming machines' ... more »

  • Image of Landini Asiatic Lily Landini Asiatic Lily Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    The darkest lily you will find. Petals are a rich, eggplant-purple. So easy to grow and rewarding! Asiatic Lilies tend to be shorter and sturdier than other lilies, they bloom earlier and their petals ... more »

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