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  • Image of Pizzicato Poppy Pizzicato Poppy Hardy in Zones: 3a - 7b

    A semi-dwarf mixture of red, scarlet, orange, salmon, mauve, rose, pink and white blooms with black centers. 3-4 inch flowers are held on strong 24 inch tall stems which withstand strong winds. Start ... more »

  • Image of Orange Thyme Orange Thyme Hardy in Zones: 5a - 8b

    A definite citrusy thyme that is excellent with fish, roasted vegetables, stews and soups or in marmalades and chutneys. Strong orange scent and flavour without a bitter aftertaste. Prefers full sun ... more »

  • Image of Panorama Bee Balm Panorama Bee Balm Hardy in Zones: 4a - 10

    Also known as Bergamot, ‘Panorama’ is a perennial with a citrusy fragrance and brilliant blooms in a range of colours. Prefers sun or partial shade. Plants will flower second year and spread quickly. ... more »

  • Image of Rosemary (TP) Rosemary (TP) Hardy in Zones: 8a - 8a

    \nA richly aromatic herb that is traditionally used in poultry, lamb and pork dishes. Adds sumptuous flavour to vinegars, oils and salad dressings. Grow as an annual or overwinter indoors. Height ... more »

  • Image of Winter Savory Winter Savory Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5a

    Winter savory is a perennial woody shrub. The flavour of winter savory is a little stronger but can be used in the same recipes as the annual variety including teas, herb butter, vinegar, soups and ... more »

  • Image of Astilbe Collection Astilbe Collection Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    This collection contains 3 roots, 1 each of Italian Ice Cream, Moulin Rouge and Lisa Astilbe. more »

  • Image of Catnip Catnip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 3b

    Although catnip is most widely used in toys for kitty, it can also be used in salads as a green or for a relaxing tea. Height 3-4’. Approx. 850 seeds/pkg. Zone 3. more »

  • Image of Confetti Cake Helleborus Confetti Cake Helleborus Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    From the exclusive Wedding Party series, let us introduce to you Confetti Cake Helleborus. An astounding new 'Lenten Rose' by renowned Helleborus breeder Hans Hansen. Fully double flowers are ... more »

  • Image of Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Hardy in Zones: 7a - 7b

    This form of Spanish Lavender produces masses of unusual, showy flowers on tall 3’ stems in early spring. The blooms have showy bright purple bracts that are held way above the aromatic grey-green ... more »

  • Image of German Winter Thyme German Winter Thyme Hardy in Zones: 4a - 4b

    Also known as English Thyme. A hardy, widely grown perennial. Leaves are used fresh or dried to season meats, vegetables, soups and sauces. Height 10-12". Approximately 1,500 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Greek Oregano Greek Oregano Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    \nAlso known as Winter Marjoram. A compact Evergreen Oregano with the sweet spiciness of Sweet Marjoram. Bright green leaves make it an attractive edging plant, especially in winter. Height 9". ... more »

  • Image of Iris Collection Iris Collection Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    This collection contains 9 roots, 2 each of Having Fun, Beautiful Blue Eyes, Hot Fudge and Ruby Eruption and 1 of Lady in Waiting. more »

  • Image of Lemon Balm Lemon Balm Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    Delicious accent to seafood dishes. The fresh lemon scent is a refreshing addition to teas and potpourri. May also be used in furniture polish and insect repellent recipes. Height 24”. Approximately ... more »

  • Image of Lemony Lace Sambucus Lemony Lace Sambucus Hardy in Zones: 3a - 7b

    Check out this showy, new cut leaf elderberry with bright golden foliage and improved sunburn resistance. Lemony Lace is a colourful shaggy mound of gold threads and red new growth. White spring ... more »

  • Image of Mint Mint Hardy in Zones: 4a - 4a

    \nLeaves used in a variety of recipes, the most popular being jelly. Makes a nice tea and adds a great fragrance to potpourri. Height 1-3 ft. Approximately 1750 seeds/Pkg. Zone 4.\n more »

  • Image of Miss Molly Butterfly Bush Miss Molly Butterfly Bush Hardy in Zones: 5a - 9b

    The darkest red blooms we’ve ever seen on a Butterfly Bush! Intense cherry red plumes stand out dramatically against the lush green foliage. The graceful habit and butterfly attraction makes Miss ... more »

  • Image of Mocha Moon Hibiscus Mocha Moon Hibiscus Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    Near perfection in a flower, Mocha Moon has elegant, glowing white flowers with perfectly overlapping petals and a splashy red eye. Deep bronze-green foliage is a startling contrast to the bright ... more »

  • Image of Munstead Lavender Munstead Lavender Hardy in Zones: 5a - 11

    Our most hardy perennial lavender! Over-winters reliably in our trials, cold tolerant to zone 4! Can be clipped into a formal shape or left natural to provide mounds of fragrant blooms suitable for ... more »

  • Image of Oregano Oregano Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    \nIndispensable in Italian, Spanish and Mexican cooking. Used in a variety of tomato dishes. Flowers can be used in dried crafts. Good in vinegar. Height 1-2 feet. Approximately 1000 seeds/Pkg. Zone ... more »

  • Image of Peacock Gladiolus Peacock Gladiolus Hardy in Zones: 7a - 11

    Fragrant star-shaped flowers are bright white with a perfect burgundy eye. Each flower stem can produce a dozen flowers. Bulb size 8-10cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Robert Kemp Giant Canna Robert Kemp Giant Canna Hardy in Zones: 8a - 10

    An heirloom Canna with classic features. Robert Kemp grows to enormous heights with pure bright red flowers and glossy green leaves. 3-5 eye root. more »

  • Image of Samaritan Jo Clematis Samaritan Jo Clematis Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    Stunning single and semi-double flowers have dramatically pointed petals that are silvery white edged in plum purple. Blooms almost the entire season and is an excellent choice for growing in ... more »

  • Image of Starry Starry Night Hibiscus Starry Starry Night Hibiscus Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    This is a show-stopping Hibiscus with almost solid black foliage that is the perfect backdrop for its incredible pink and white swirled flowers. Flowers will begin slowly in early summer, with the ... more »

  • Image of Virginia Blue Bells Virginia Blue Bells Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Pendulous clusters of periwinkle-blue, bell-shaped flowers nod sweetly in spring and early summer. In well-drained, sandy soil and when left undisturbed, Virginia Blue Bells will naturalize freely. ... more »

  • Image of Wild Creeping Thyme Wild Creeping Thyme Hardy in Zones: 4a - 4b

    \nLow growing creeping variety which is well suited as a ground cover. Pretty pink/mauve flowers. Perfumes the air when walked on. Also ideal in rock gardens. Height 4-5". Approximately 1,000 ... more »

  • Image of Alabaster Globe Flower Alabaster Globe Flower Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    There's nothing quite like Trollius blooms. Soft, delicate flowers seem to float above the plant. A spectacular new variety with soft, buttery-yellow petals with a hint of green. No. 1 root. more »

  • Image of Anna Louise Gardini Clematis Anna Louise Gardini Clematis Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    The unusual colour combination of royal-purple and reddish-purple on Anna Louise is simply captivating. Flowers vary in early summer and then again in late summer to autumn. A rigorous climber ... more »

  • Image of Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower Hardy in Zones: 3a - 10

    Large 3" apricot flowers with yellow tips and a darker orange center cover the uniform mound of bright-green foliage. Blooms for several months. Zones 3-10. Height 12-24". 2.5" plug. more »

  • Image of Avant Garde Clematis Avant Garde Clematis Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    The two inch blooms of Avant Garde are semi-double with deep, cherry-red outer petals and a lavender-pink pom-pom center. AA mature Clematis in full bloom can be one of the most stunning displays in ... more »

  • Image of Ballerina Dance Iris Ballerina Dance Iris Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    Just like a beautiful ballerina, shades of rose-pink with darker maroon on the inner petals. Siberian Iris prefer moist soil and bloom a bit later. Their slender, spiky leaves add wonderful texture to ... more »

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