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  • Image of Pizzicato Poppy Pizzicato Poppy Hardy in Zones: 3a - 7b

    A semi-dwarf mixture of red, scarlet, orange, salmon, mauve, rose, pink and white blooms with black centers. 3-4 inch flowers are held on strong 24 inch tall stems which withstand strong winds. Start ... more »

  • Image of Orange Thyme Orange Thyme Hardy in Zones: 5a - 8b

    A definite citrusy thyme that is excellent with fish, roasted vegetables, stews and soups or in marmalades and chutneys. Strong orange scent and flavour without a bitter aftertaste. Prefers full sun ... more »

  • Image of Panorama Bee Balm Panorama Bee Balm Hardy in Zones: 4a - 10

    Also known as Bergamot, ‘Panorama’ is a perennial with a citrusy fragrance and brilliant blooms in a range of colours. Prefers sun or partial shade. Plants will flower second year and spread quickly. ... more »

  • Image of Rosemary (TP) Rosemary (TP) Hardy in Zones: 8a - 8a

    \nA richly aromatic herb that is traditionally used in poultry, lamb and pork dishes. Adds sumptuous flavour to vinegars, oils and salad dressings. Grow as an annual or overwinter indoors. Height ... more »

  • Image of Winter Savory Winter Savory Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5a

    Winter savory is a perennial woody shrub. The flavour of winter savory is a little stronger but can be used in the same recipes as the annual variety including teas, herb butter, vinegar, soups and ... more »

  • Image of Catnip Catnip Hardy in Zones: 3a - 3b

    Although catnip is most widely used in toys for kitty, it can also be used in salads as a green or for a relaxing tea. Height 3-4’. Approx. 850 seeds/pkg. Zone 3. more »

  • Image of Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Fragrant Butterflies Lavender Hardy in Zones: 7a - 7b

    This form of Spanish Lavender produces masses of unusual, showy flowers on tall 3’ stems in early spring. The blooms have showy bright purple bracts that are held way above the aromatic grey-green ... more »

  • Image of German Winter Thyme German Winter Thyme Hardy in Zones: 4a - 4b

    Also known as English Thyme. A hardy, widely grown perennial. Leaves are used fresh or dried to season meats, vegetables, soups and sauces. Height 10-12". Approximately 1,500 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Greek Oregano Greek Oregano Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    \nAlso known as Winter Marjoram. A compact Evergreen Oregano with the sweet spiciness of Sweet Marjoram. Bright green leaves make it an attractive edging plant, especially in winter. Height 9". ... more »

  • Image of Lemon Balm Lemon Balm Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    Delicious accent to seafood dishes. The fresh lemon scent is a refreshing addition to teas and potpourri. May also be used in furniture polish and insect repellent recipes. Height 24”. Approximately ... more »

  • Image of Mint Mint Hardy in Zones: 4a - 4a

    \nLeaves used in a variety of recipes, the most popular being jelly. Makes a nice tea and adds a great fragrance to potpourri. Height 1-3 ft. Approximately 1750 seeds/Pkg. Zone 4.\n more »

  • Image of Munstead Lavender Munstead Lavender Hardy in Zones: 5a - 11

    Our most hardy perennial lavender! Over-winters reliably in our trials, cold tolerant to zone 4! Can be clipped into a formal shape or left natural to provide mounds of fragrant blooms suitable for ... more »

  • Image of Oregano Oregano Hardy in Zones: 5a - 5b

    \nIndispensable in Italian, Spanish and Mexican cooking. Used in a variety of tomato dishes. Flowers can be used in dried crafts. Good in vinegar. Height 1-2 feet. Approximately 1000 seeds/Pkg. Zone ... more »

  • Image of Scrumptillious Canna Blend Scrumptillious Canna Blend Hardy in Zones: 8a - 9b

    A mix of the best performing mid-sized Cannas in tropical, fruity shades to add lushness to your containers and beds. Long-lasting blooms from mid-summer through to autumn. No. 1 root. more »

  • Image of Velvety Violets Hyacinth Mix Velvety Violets Hyacinth Mix Hardy in Zones: 4a - 9b

    Charming Hyacinths in violet, plum, red and pink. Plant in large groupings of at least 5-7 bulbs for greatest effect. Includes Jan Bos, Woodstock, Splendid Cornelia and China Pink. Easy to grow and ... more »

  • Image of Wild Creeping Thyme Wild Creeping Thyme Hardy in Zones: 4a - 4b

    \nLow growing creeping variety which is well suited as a ground cover. Pretty pink/mauve flowers. Perfumes the air when walked on. Also ideal in rock gardens. Height 4-5". Approximately 1,000 ... more »

  • Image of 100 Days of Daffodils 100 Days of Daffodils Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    This special blend of daffodils includes some very early blooming varieties, some very late blooming varieties and lots in between to ensure the longest possible daffodil showing for you. Daffodils ... more »

  • Image of Again and Again German Iris Again and Again German Iris Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    An aptly named vigorous re-bloomer, Again and Again boasts primrose- yellow petals with white accents at the center of the falls. Lovely when paired with any blue-toned Iris. German Iris bear ... more »

  • Image of All That Jazz Crocus Blend All That Jazz Crocus Blend Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    This soothing, cool toned blend just begs to be planted in large numbers. Includes three beloved Crocus varieties: Large and vigorous violet-purple 'Flower Record', pure white 'Jeanne ... more »

  • Image of Allium Elegant Mix Allium Elegant Mix Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    Allium is the perfect addition to a mixed border. The unexpected shape adds drama and texture to any planting. Here is a blend of 5 very easy to grow Allium in pink, purples and white with varying ... more »

  • Image of Amazing Astilbe Collection Amazing Astilbe Collection Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    \nPrized for their loud, overstated plumes of colour and their unique ability to thrive in dry shade, Astilbes are easy to grow and so rewarding. Their finely toothed, fern-like leaves are hardy, ... more »

  • Image of Ambergate Daffodil Ambergate Daffodil Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    One of the very last Daffodils to bloom in spring, extending the season, 'Ambergate' has unbelievably rich colouring. Deep, apricot-yellow petals and a rich orange trumpet. Bulb size: 12-14cm ... more »

  • Image of Ann Folkard Geranium Ann Folkard Geranium Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    An award winning Geranium with an incredibly long bloom season and remarkable plant vigour. Mounds of finely cut golden-yellow foliage are covered in large, violet-pink flowers almost the entire ... more »

  • Image of Apollo Iris Apollo Iris Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Easy to grow, low maintenance and ready to naturalize. Apollo has stunning bright white, upright standards and sunny-yellow falls. Bulb size 8+ cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Armani Peony Armani Peony Hardy in Zones: 3a - 9b

    Layers and layers of silky petals. Armani is one of the darkest peonies we've ever seen. Ruby-red flowers evolve to a beautiful burgundy-red. The glossy green foliage turns red in fall, only ... more »

  • Image of Atropurpureum Allium Atropurpureum Allium Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    A well-loved heirloom bulb because of its very dark-purple flowers and perky, flat bottomed umbels. So easy to grow and reliable, multiplying each year. Bulb size 8+ cm in circ. more »

  • Image of Awesome Allium Collection Awesome Allium Collection Hardy in Zones: 4a - 8b

    Alliums will tolerate poor, dry soil, they are deer resistant, and they can be left undisturbed for years and years and will multiply. Alliums make a very strong and long-lasting cut flower. If left ... more »

  • Image of Azureum Muscari Azureum Muscari Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Here's an award winning Muscari with a refreshing, fluffy appearance. The azure-blue florets are less constricted and result in a fuller, plumper flower. Extremely winter hardy and easy to grow. ... more »

  • Image of Baby Boomer Daffodil Baby Boomer Daffodil Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    Never underestimate this Miniature Daffodil based on its small stature. It is a flowering powerhouse! Each bulb produces multiple stems which bloom in progression, meaning that the bloom time can last ... more »

  • Image of Best Bet German Iris Best Bet German Iris Hardy in Zones: 3a - 8b

    The large, dazzling flowers with light, sky blue-purple standards and darker, grape-purple falls. An award-winning Iris that will not disappoint! Height 36". \nGerman Iris bear exquisitely shaped ... more »

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