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  • Image of Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Transplants Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Transplants

    \nDelicious tropical taste in an attractive paper wrapper. Ground Cherries are very sweet and taste a bit like pineapples. Can be used in preserves, pies or over ice cream, but here at Veseys we love ... more »

  • Image of Big Beef Tomato Transplants Big Beef Tomato Transplants

    \nThis hybrid Italian beefsteak produces high yields of large 10-12 oz 'beefy' fruits that have exceptional flavour. Vigorous, indeterminate plants. Good disease resistance to common tomato ... more »

  • Image of Defiant Tomato Transplants Defiant Tomato Transplants

    \nExcellent Late Blight Resistance! A medium sized 6-8 oz hybrid that has late blight resistance and great taste. This bright red and high yielding determinate grows on an open bush type plant which ... more »

  • Image of Fat n' Sassy Pepper Transplants Fat n' Sassy Pepper Transplants

    \nOne of the best "green to mature red" sweet bell peppers. These big, heavy, thick walled, 4 lobed bell peppers have excellent flavour. Great for that Stuffed Pepper recipe. Fruit size of ... more »

  • Image of Golden Cherry Tomato Transplants Golden Cherry Tomato Transplants

    \nThis is without a doubt, our best, sweetest tasting cherry tomato. Our trials staff won't stop raving about this one! Golden Cherry is an indeterminate variety and will require support. It has a ... more »

  • Image of Jasper Tomato Transplants Jasper Tomato Transplants

    \nJasper is a small red indeterminate tomato that is big on taste. High yields and strong resistance to late blight and fusarium. \n \nImportant Ordering & Shipping Information\n \nMinimum ... more »

  • Image of Monet Pepper Transplants Monet Pepper Transplants

    \nA beautiful smooth jalapeno pepper to spark up any salsa recipe. Heavy yields of uniformly sized peppers even under cool,wet conditions. Matures 70 days after planting.\n \nImportant Ordering & ... more »

  • Image of Mountain Merit Tomato Transplants Mountain Merit Tomato Transplants

    \nLarge determinate that has excellent late blight resistance. This round, deep red fruit will delight you with its juicy mild flavour, with just the right firmness of texture. With many disease ... more »

  • Image of Plum Regal Tomato Transplants Plum Regal Tomato Transplants

    \nExcellent Late Blight Resistance! Large and firm determinate plum tomato with late blight resistance. This hybrid has a bright red interior and exterior that is superior in flavour. It also has a ... more »

  • Image of Ruffles Boysenberry Lavender Ruffles Boysenberry Lavender

    \nGrown more as an ornamental herb, the ruffles exhibit frilly magenta buds with soft pink to white bracts. Lovely in a pot or in your garden.\n \nImportant Ordering & Shipping Information\n ... more »

  • Image of African Sunset Multiflora Petunia African Sunset Multiflora Petunia

    The totally unique colour and outstanding garden performance made this petunia an All America Selections winner. The first orange petunia from seed. The earthy orange shades are held well above a ... more »

  • Image of Amberglow Single Marigold Amberglow Single Marigold

    Eye-catching hues of bright amber blooms surrounded with a golden yellow border. Beautiful uniform blossoms and compact dark green foliage grows neatly and needs little deadheading. A perfect choice ... more »

  • Image of Annual Herb Collection Annual Herb Collection

    \nThis collection of our favourite annual herbs is indispensable in the kitchen. The Parsley may overwinter, but is more productive if replanted every year. \n \nThis collection contains 5 pkgs, one ... more »

  • Image of Bacopa 'Scopia Great White' Plants Bacopa 'Scopia Great White' Plants

    \n'Scopia' is the leading series of Bacopa, boasting up to 1" flowers. Ideal for window boxes and containers. Easy-to-grow, branching habit. Tidy, mounding and cascading form. Height ... more »

  • Image of Begonia 'Non-Stop Series' Plants Begonia 'Non-Stop Series' Plants

    \nEveryone's favourite Begonia! Non-stops bear masses of double and semi-double flowers that just don't know how to quit blooming. Excellent for pots, baskets, window boxes and planters. ... more »

  • Image of Blight Resistant Tomato Plant Collection Blight Resistant Tomato Plant Collection

    This collection contains 12 plants, 3 each of Jasper, Plum Regal, Mountain Merit and Defiant Blight Resistant Tomato Transplants. \nImportant Ordering & Shipping Information\n \nMinimum Purchase - ... more »

  • Image of Bouquet Organic Dill Bouquet Organic Dill

    \nDill boasts a variety of culinary uses from sauces to pickles. Great in fish dishes. Height 2-3 feet. Approximately 1500 seeds/pkg.\n \nAlso available as non-organic seed.\n more »

  • Image of Calypso Cilantro Calypso Cilantro

    Be sure to grow this "cut and come again" annual herb near your kitchen. Calypso is by far the slowest bolting cilantro we have had in our trials. Direct seed through-out the growing season. ... more »

  • Image of Carmen Pepper Transplants Carmen Pepper Transplants

    \nEver since we introduced Carmen into our trials, we are continuously amazed at both its earliness and dependability. This sweet Bulls Horn Pepper is the first to go red of all our varieties. An AAS ... more »

  • Image of Deep Rose Pinto Series Geranium Deep Rose Pinto Series Geranium

    A stunning new addition to the Pinto Series Geraniums. Rich, bright pink blossoms complimented with a hint of pink in the center are sure to be a welcomed geranium variety to any flower garden or ... more »

  • Image of Fernleaf Dill Fernleaf Dill

    Compact growth measuring 12-18 inches in height. Great in Fish dishes and a variety of uses from sauces to pickles. Great in fish dishes. Approximately 300 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Genesis Organic Cilantro Genesis Organic Cilantro

    A superior variety for fresh leaf use. Slow to bolt even in hot weather. 50-55 days to leaf harvest. Approx. 200 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Hera Dill Hera Dill

    Excellent bunching dill is slower to bolt than Bouquet and has a wider harvest window for leaves. Approx. 500 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of Herb Plant Collection Herb Plant Collection

    \nHerb transplant collection contains 12 plants; 3 each of Tarragon, Lemon Grass, Lavender and Rosemary transplants.\n \nImportant Ordering & Shipping Information\n \nMinimum Purchase - 12 Plants: ... more »

  • Image of Lemon Grass Transplants Lemon Grass Transplants

    Lemon Grass is a scented and culinary herb. Useful as a non-toxic insect repellant and potpourri. \nImportant Ordering & Shipping Information\n \nMinimum Purchase - 12 Plants: When purchasing ... more »

  • Image of Lime Basil Lime Basil

    Very distinct and wonderful lime flavour! This rare basil will work wonders in pesto, vinegar and with fish, salad dressings, sauces and oils and is a delight in salads! Great in containers. Height: ... more »

  • Image of Mammoth Basil Mammoth Basil

    Largest basil leaf we have seen in our trials. This culinary wonder can grow up to 4" leaves on a compact and uniform plant. Mammoth is packed full of sweet flavour and is ideal in all types of ... more »

  • Image of Maverick Orange Geranium Maverick Orange Geranium

    Delicate orange blossoms rest on top of beautiful dark green zoned foliage that has multiple stems reaching up to 18 inches tall. This hybrid would look amazing with its bright and vibrant colour next ... more »

  • Image of Nagoya Mixed Colours Kale Nagoya Mixed Colours Kale

    Flowering Kale is very similar to Flowering Cabbage in growth characteristics but has larger, more deeply ruffled outer leaves. Spectacular coloring begins in cooler weather. Resistance to frost. ... more »

  • Image of Perennial Herb Collection Perennial Herb Collection

    This selection of hardy ornamental and culinary herbs is a great addition to any garden. This collection includes 6 packages, one each of Chives, Munstead Lavender, Mint, Oregano, Sage and Winter ... more »

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