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  • Image of Albion Parsnip Albion Parsnip

    Among the whitest parsnips we have seen. This hybrid is very vigorous with much better emergence than older varieties, a real plus with parsnips. Sweet flavour. Albion stores well and does not yellow ... more »

  • Image of Alexandra Peas Alexandra Peas

    \nUnfortunately, Alexandra Peas are not available for 2017 due to crop failure. We apologize for any inconvenience. As a suitable replacement, we suggest Dalvay Peas.\n \nExceptional flavour. Amazing ... more »

  • Image of Allure Corn Allure Corn

    The sweet allure of fresh corn will make you want to eat more than one cob. Allure’s crisp and juicy kernels surround a 7-8” cob with 16 rows of delicious flavour. It is quick and easy to pick as it ... more »

  • Image of Ambition Shallot Ambition Shallot

    Excellent true shallot from seed. Ambition will produce beautiful 2" round, red/brown skinned shallots with white flesh. This 'Rose of the Onion Family' is fairly easy to grow and yields ... more »

  • Image of Annapolis Lettuce Annapolis Lettuce

    Darkest red romaine. Upright leaves form a loose head and do not get bitter like some others. Also suitable for baby leaf production. Maturity 65-70 days. Approx. 500 seeds/pkg. more »

  • Image of April Cross Chinese Radish April Cross Chinese Radish

    White, crisp and very productive. Daikon radish are much milder than regular onions and are used widely in Asian cooking. They can be used in stir-fries, raw in salads or even pickled. April Cross is ... more »

  • Image of Aquadulce Broad/Fava Beans Aquadulce Broad/Fava Beans

    This versatile vegetable can be used for freezing, fresh shelled or dried beans. Forms large pods filled with 7-8 large plump seeds. The plant is robust and matures in 75 days. Plant early in cool ... more »

  • Image of Arat Root Parsley Arat Root Parsley

    Super Parsley flavour. Enhance your soups or stews with this delicious, nutty, parsley/celery flavoured combination. Grown much the same as parsnips. Young flat parsley leaves will adorn these ... more »

  • Image of Arcadia Broccoli Arcadia Broccoli

    Good cold weather tolerance. Heavy, very firm, dark blue-green domed 8 inch heads are finely beaded. Large plants, excellent for close spacing and high yields. Easy to harvest. Tolerant to Black Rot ... more »

  • Image of Artost Cabbage Artost Cabbage

    \nVigorous 2nd early cabbage. Artost forms dense 3-5 lb heads. This hybrid has good resistance to splitting and tip burn and is Fusarium Yellows resistant. About 55 days from transplant. Sized seed. ... more »

  • Image of Artwork Broccolini Artwork Broccolini

    Early season mini broccoli. This vigorous early maturing broccolini produces sweet, tender side shoots over a period of several weeks. The small main head should be harvested early to encourage ... more »

  • Image of Astro Arugula Salad Green Astro Arugula Salad Green

    The king of gourmet salad greens. Arugula, also known as Roquette, is very hardy with a fine peppery/sweet flavour. It is quick to sprout and adapts to a wide range of temperatures. 40 days. Approx. ... more »

  • Image of Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

    The 'King of all Giant Pumpkins'! Atlantic Giant is recording stupendous weights in Pumpkin Weigh-Offs across the U.S. and Canada. The world record to date is an amazing 2,323 lb pumpkin grown ... more »

  • Image of Autumn Wings Gourds Autumn Wings Gourds

    Wild, winged shapes. Sure to stand out in any fall decoration! This unique gourd blend has warts, wings, and a curved neck with colours ranging from white to yellow and green and bi-colours. Great for ... more »

  • Image of Avalanche Beet Avalanche Beet

    Excellent raw eating quality. A new white flesh variety with a well-rounded root, upright light green leaves and excellent disease resistance. This hybrid variety is non-staining and pairs well with ... more »

  • Image of Baby Oakleaf Lettuce Baby Oakleaf Lettuce

    Dwarf Oakleaf type. A compact medium green oakleaf with tender leaves and rounded lobes. Holds well in the field without bolting. Will regrow when cut early at a baby leaf stage. 50 days. Approx. 1000 ... more »

  • Image of Baby Pam Pumpkin Baby Pam Pumpkin

    \nBest eating pumpkin. Baby Pam really stands out in our trials as it is earlier, higher yielding and more attractive than older varieties. Cooking quality is very good. Our staff concluded that Baby ... more »

  • Image of Bartolo Cabbage Bartolo Cabbage

    \nGreat storage. The round, dense heads have a short core and a good number of outer leaves. Similar to Lennox with superior storage qualities. Tolerant to Pepperspot and Grey Speck. Maturity 115 day ... more »

  • Image of Big Beef Tomato Big Beef Tomato

    \nBig tomatoes, big customer favourite. The name says it all. This hybrid Italian beefsteak produces high yields of large 10-12 oz ‘beefy’ fruits that have great flavour for such a large tomato. ... more »

  • Image of Birdhouse Gourds Birdhouse Gourds

    Grow your own birdhouse! A useful, durable gourd which is fun to grow. Harvest when the smooth, greenish rind turns white or starts to brown. Average size 10-12”. Maturity of 125 days. Approx. 25 ... more »

  • Image of Black King Eggplant Black King Eggplant

    Dark purple. An early hybrid that is well suited for short growing seasons. The firm oval fruit is almost jet black with glossy skin. It can be harvested over a long period of time and is excellent ... more »

  • Image of Black Magic Kale Black Magic Kale

    Rich dark colour. Throughout the growing season, new leaves keep appearing, just like magic, providing you with a continuous harvest. The savoy leaves can be picked as a baby leaf or left to fully ... more »

  • Image of Black Pearl Pepper Black Pearl Pepper

    Black Pearl is an All America Selections winner and deservedly so. An ideal choice for mixed containers with bushy, upright plants and foliage that is greenish when young and matures to glossy black ... more »

  • Image of Blue Curled Scotch Kale Blue Curled Scotch Kale

    Highly decorative. Relished by many for boiling as greens or chopped fresh like lettuce for salads, when young. Maturity of 80 days. Approx. 690 seeds/pkg. \nWhen grown as a Microgreen Blue Curled ... more »

  • Image of Blue Wind Broccoli Blue Wind Broccoli

    Earliest broccoli ever in our trials. This medium, uniform head will stand out in your garden with the beautiful blue foliage as it stands on a thick supportive stem making harvest a breeze. With its ... more »

  • Image of Bobcat Tomato Bobcat Tomato

    \nExcellent main season beefsteak. Beautiful, firm beefsteak tomatoes on a very healthy and vigorous determinate plant. This hybrid sets juicy red tomatoes of uniform shape and size. Average weight is ... more »

  • Image of Boldor Beet Boldor Beet

    Unique golden colour. Whether you cook the root or the greens you will be sure to enjoy Boldor. Yellow beets are ideal to cook with as they won't have a red stain. Compact tops are light green ... more »

  • Image of Bolero Carrot Bolero Carrot

    \nExcellent flavour out of storage. Bolero has strong, sturdy tops with a medium orange 7-8” root. This hybrid Nantes is very uniform in size with blunt ends and is great for fall harvesting. ... more »

  • Image of Bon Appétit Corn Bon Appétit Corn

    \nBig and reliable. Growers love the consistent hybrid performance of Bon Appétit. Vigorous 61⁄2 foot plants produce large, blunt 7.5” ears filled with 16-18 rows of mouthwatering sweet ... more »

  • Image of Bopak Pak Choi Bopak Pak Choi

    Great flavour, even in warmer weather. Bopak is a tasty addition to Oriental recipes and the tender, crisp leaves can be eaten raw in salads or sandwiches. May be harvested as a baby Pak Choi as well ... more »

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