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Romeo Hardy Cherry

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Romance Series

Late season. Dark red, almost black, 4 gram fruit have good flavour and make dark red cherry pies and juice. These exciting new bush cherries, developed by the University of Saskatchewan after 50 years of breeding work, are perfect for the home gardener. They are very hardy (zone 3), disease resistant and their bush shape is very suitable for the garden. They are heavy yielding, producing up to 10-15 kg per plant. With proper care they should begin to bear fruit in 3 years, with full maturity (7-8 feet) in 5-6 years. These are tart cherries, ideal for cooking, but are also sweet enough for fresh eating. We ship 1 year old plants. All are self-pollinating, but better results are obtained when two varieties are planted.

Please note: we can not ship Hardy Cherries into BC.

As they are live plants we will hold fruit and berry orders until the appropriate planting time for your area (usually around mid April-early May). Requests for large orders should be made by mid-March.

*Perishable Product Postal Surcharge on Fruits and Berries: If your order includes Asparagus Roots, Potato Sets, Spring Garlic, Onion Sets or Fruits and Berries, an additional $6.95 Postal Surcharge will be added to your order. This amount is only charged one time regardless of how many Perishable Products you may purchase.

How to Grow: Growing Fruits & Berries, Hardy Cherries
Light Requirements:
Hardiness Zone:3a - 3b
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Hardy Cherry Trees Tip
All varieties are self-pollinating, however better results are obtained when two varieties are planted. Bees will also help improve fruit set by moving pollen.