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Peanut & Suet Wreath Feeder

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This 12" heavy duty, powder-coated wreath holds peanuts in the shell and provides hours of entertainment as you watch your fine feathered friends hang in every direction while they wrestle peanuts from inside the feeder. It's quite amusing to watch them break open the shells to receive their reward of two whole peanuts per pod. This feeder attracts Jays of all varieties and woodpeckers love the challenge and taste that peanuts provide. A year round conversation piece for your bird feeding area, our Wreath Peanut Feeder looks great during the Holiday season with an added ribbon bow (not included). A versatile design, this feeder can also be used to hold suet balls in the colder months. To get you started we've included - free of charge - a 500 gram package of Valencia (Canadian grown) peanuts in the shell. You'll be up and running as soon as your feeder arrives. You can also order Veseys Suet balls, to fit this feeder.

Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
includes 500g of Peanuts
500g Valencia Peanuts in the Shell
includes 6 pack Suet Balls