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Mirai 301 Corn

Bi-colour SH2

Mid season Mirai. A Mirai variety that is uniform in size and easy to pick. Well filled cobs have delicious kernels right to the tip. Mirai varieties combine the flavour of SU, tenderness of SE and the sweetness of SH2. Slow to convert sugar to starch even after storing in the fridge for a week when left in the husk. Maturity of 75 days.

Supersweets (SH2): have a high sugar content creating an extra sweet flavour and crisp texture. Cold soil vigor and emergence is less vigorous then SE or SU typs. To prevent starchy, tough kernels you must isolate supersweets from other corn types to prevent cross pollination.
Light Requirements:
Item # Description Price Quantity
Treated Seed
200 Seeds
500 Seeds
3,000 Seeds
15,000 Seeds
45,000 Seeds
100,000 Seeds
Corn Tip
Corn is ready when the ears are completely filled and a pierced kernel shows a milky white liquid. A good sign of readiness is when the silk turns brown and crisp. One of the most common questions we are asked is how to keep racoons out of a corn patch. Although nothing is foolproof, our most successful defence has been to install an electric fence around the corn patch with one wire about 4-6" from the ground and a second wire about 12" from ground level.